Bomber Clothing's biggest Black Friday sale this year starts earlier, on 25th of November at 8 pm CET!

We start earlier than before

This year's sale for Black Friday in Bomber starts earlier. The first reason is that we want to prolongate sales so that everyone can take enough time and enjoy browsing our site and slowly deciding on what they think is best for themselves. We always make a special effort in the descriptions of our products for all those who see them for the first time and we try to show our materials to everyone the best we can. That is why we want you to have enough time to find out about the materials and details of all our pieces so you can decide on the one that suits you best. 

This year, you will be able to find even the pieces from our older collections in one place. We want you to find something that suits you best, and we believe that the wide range of options we have prepared for you will certainly help you find the best Bomber piece for yourself.

Innovations in payment methods

In recent months, we have also received a large number of inquiries regarding the possibility of payment in installments. Due to the current situation in the world and many other reasons, you asked us if we plan to introduce payment in installments. We decided that this was definitely a good option and we took the time to include the possibility of paying in installments of up to 3 installments for the first time in Bomber.

More information will be available on the day of sale.

Purchase the gift for your favorite ones

Since many at this sale will not only buy for themselves, but will also buy for others, we want to help and make the gift even more special. After purchasing the product,  you can contact us with the order number at and we will help you. You can write a personalized message (up to 100 characters) in the email, and we will hand write it for you on a Bomber personalized card. Remember, the details are always important. 

Additional benefits for Black Friday

We especially want to point out that on this sale for all purchases larger than 100 euros, shipping will be free. The discount on some of our pieces will be even up to 70%.

In the end, the times we are in are challenging, and this year has been particularly hard on all of us. Let’s round it off with a good sale. Follow us on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to the email for more information and early access to our sale and future collections.

Take care and good luck!