Bryson Tiller wearing BOMBER while performing

With a minimalistic and luxurious touch, presenting must-have pieces with an innovative and design-centered style, we are stepping strongly into the fashion industry with famous R&B artists wearing our outfits

We are focused on delivering classic statement items with a unique vision that makes famous personalities choose our brand among others. Our “Summer Vaccine T-shirt” has been spotted in the latest Bryson Tiller presentation, currently one of the most well-known R&B rappers and songwriters. The modern-vintage collection exudes a high level of comfort and features powerful design making every piece different but having a distinctive composition that separates our brand from the rest.

 Further, we have a special connection with our branding, by creating powerful and unique items that artists love. Bryson’s experience with Bomber Clothing was totally organic and made possible by his incredible stylist Mario Cesar Rangel that introduced him to our brand. He’s loving our pieces and has talked about the comfort and quality of the fabrics on many occasions, stating that the style and quality level are simply magnificent and hard-to-replicate.

 We bring classic items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and denim to a different level with eccentric yet simple visual compositions that exude a level of power perceived among the community and the fashion industry, anyone wearing Bomber Clothing can expect to be seen as a clean and luxurious style-aficionado that prevails comfort and uniqueness over everything else competitors try to impose as the ‘standard norm’.

 Bomber is positioning itself alongside major designers allowing the brand to succeed and be seen as a worthy competitor. With pieces exclusively handcrafted in Portugal, each clothing item has passed an extensive and careful design and testing process to ensure only the best and most high-quality pieces arrive in the user's hands. What sets us apart from other brands is the commitment we have with our clients, exuding exemplary excellence and a luxury status worth investing in. The quality of the fabrics we use is superior, as well as the designs created that are truly one-of-a-kind. Bomber Clothing combines elegance and comfort in a powerful and exclusive way that has famous artists like Bryson Tiller wearing on his concerts.

 With new beginnings, stories, branding, and team, but keeping the same foundation values the company stands for, we are getting ready for the new season coming February 2022. 

Bryson Tiller wearing BOMBERBryson Tiller wearing bomber while performing