Miami Dreams is inspired by the iconic ‘80s era, a time that is mostly associated with nostalgia, revolution in pop culture and a new wave of art and music. The whole drop is imbued with the symbolism of the new beginning and empowerment, so a car, snake, palm tree and pineapple were used, each of them leaving a special mark in this drop. The car symbolizes moving in the new direction and traveling through the past to find strength for the present. The snake represents the year 2020 which was venomous, but just like the snake we too are ready to take off our old skin and wear a new, thicker one. Finally, the palm tree is there as a symbol of victory and triumph over the bitter times of 2020 and a pineapple represents welcoming of the new era.

We decided to transfer our vision into clothing through strong graphics, which by now has been proved to be our best way to channel emotions and thoughts. We used only the finest fabrics and washed it carefully for that ‘80s vintage effect. With a contrasting combination of bright and dark intensities, we have created T-shirts with predominant neon colored graphics and summer refined shorts. This coloring contrast shows the divergence of the time we live in, which goes from gloomy times of 2020 beginning to brighter ones that rise and give hope. To further strengthen the drop and create an urban yet luxurious feel to our pieces, we have introduced tiles on each garment as a finishing touch. While carefully designing the pieces in Croatia and ​​setting up an outfit handmade in Portugal, we wanted to conduct an outfit that will connect the Miami vibe of the 1980s and modern elements to a contemporary style worthy of anyone surviving in 2020.

Let the retro lights of the Miami Dreams shine, leaving the old times blind, and illuminating the way to some new and better days.